Pre-Dental to Dental Rate

I was recently accepted into the accelerated pre-dental program at University of the Pacific. But, I am a little skeptical of the program because the required GPA to stay in the program is relatively low and I heard you are only guaranteed an interview if you maintain the requirements. My question is that if you hit those minimum requirements are your chances of acceptance into the dental school near guaranteed? Is the reason those requirements (3.25 for 5 year, 3.15 for 6 year, 3.05 for 7 year) so low because there is severe gpa deflation at UoP? Thank u any help is much appreciated.


Hey there, I recently visited Dugoni School of Dentistry and asked an admissions officer that question. They interview to admit. Although the standards seem relatively low, if you maintain them, then it is solely up to how the admissions officer judges your maturity level. The dental school has a heavy focus on clinical experience, so maturity is key for acceptance.