pre-frosh are cute

<p>thinking back, i love being a pre-frosh. not much to care about during the last month of hs senior year but graduation and the excitement of leaving home.</p>

<p>hehe i just came back from cornell days.:) i've never heard of the term "pre-frosh" before i went there. it was.....interesting.:p</p>

<p>I feel so young as a pre-frosh...I used to feel so old as a senior...(identity crisis!)</p>

<p>I feel like a dumb naive freshman all over again...and I love it</p>

<p>but we ARE going to be dumb naive froshies!</p>

<p>The guy that hosted me called us prefrosh "prospies." It's the first time that I've heard the term, and couldn't tell if it was a Cornell thing or his own slang.</p>

<p>prospie=prospective student</p>

<p>I can't wait to be a frosh again.. Lots of older boys ;)</p>

<p>I can't wait for there to be a lot of new frosh looking for older boys....</p>

<p>hahahaha you guys are way too funny.:)</p>

<p>So which term do you people prefer to be called, dumb naive pre-froshies or super cool seniors?</p>

<p>What's above is a hard question, and I should taste my own medicine. After HS graduation, I won;'t be a senior for a long long time, and I prefer to hold on to my senior status as long as possible, even with senioritis, whatever that is (because I don't really understand what the term senioritis is supposed to mean, seriously).</p>

<p>i miss that summer before cornell.</p>

<p>kittykatt, what did you do the summer before Cornell?? Or if you're uncomfortable answering that, what should us pre-frosh prospies do the summer before Cornell? I know i'll work a lot because i'll need the money, but what else is good? Study for prospective courses?</p>

<p>i'm a "pre-frosh" or a "prospie" myself, but i'm planning on getting a job and enjoying my summer. i mean, this is the last summer we can actually enjoy without any worries!:p</p>

<p>work then enjoy and relax cuz cornell is gonna stress you out. (well, at least for me cuz im premed)</p>

<p>sign up to be an orientation leader. you get first pick at the freshmen girls</p>


<p>shizz with the great advice again, lol. What is cornell goinna do without u. So what is an orientation leader/what do they do?</p>

<p>Apparently they do freshman girls.</p>