Pre-frosh: How to Harvard-ify Yourself

<p>So, admitted students, if you can't wait to experience Harvard, thank Al Gore for the Internet! We are a lucky, curious, extremely voyeuristic generation with the technology to satisfy our needs. Here are some ideas to conquer ignorance about Harvard student life and sustain that OHMYGODIGOTIN high.</p>

<p>-Watch On Harvard Time
-Watch Ivory Tower
-Read The Crimson
-Read the Flyby Blog
-Buy Harvard gear</p>

<p>Any more suggestions?</p>

<p>Read and post ludicriously many posts on CC in the Harvard sections :) (you forgot the obvious) :P</p>

<p>don't do any of those things. especially the last one. harvard 2013 shirts ARE NOT COOL. i will give a wedgie to every person i see wearing one next year. watch one episode of 'on harvard time' and then make fun of nelson greaves and derek flanzraich every time you see them next year.</p>

<p>Oh please. Everyone wears their class shirts...that's a universal prefrosh rite of passage. Seniors do it, too. Duke '13, Harvard '13, College of Charleston ' see them everywhere and there's nothing wrong with it. It's perfectly okay to get excited about being a part of a new class and a new school. If anyone gives you trouble or puts you down for being excited, just know that they need to get over it, because they were probably just as enthusiastic and spirited as you were as they awaited the start of their days at one of the greatest undergrad programs in the world.</p>

<p>yep you're right. you guys should definitely wear your harvard 2013 shirts every day, wear your ID's with the lanyard around your neck, and talk about what classes you're taking whenever you can.</p>

<p>D owns 3 T's and a sweatshirt and looks fabulous in them all. That is the deciding factor! :)</p>

<p>add a roman numeral to your name.</p>

<p>As in Joe Schmoe III</p>

<p>Nothing wrong with roman numeral names. Son has one.</p>

<p>Thats impressive, to have a name with all roman numerals :P</p>

<p>^ funny boy :)</p>

<p>Always wear Harvard gear everywhere you go.</p>

<p>I always said that if my daughter got into Harvard ,I'd buy an HM shirt .My husband says that wearing it would be bragging -I'm torn because I am proud .Several people have said that you hardly notice people wearing Harvard, Yale or Princeton shirts this true?</p>

<p>If you buy Harvard gear, buy unusual Harvard gear: leg-warmers, flash drives, random dorm room knickknacks. Everyone and his dog has a Harvard sweatshirt.</p>

<p>Do watch OHT, though Derek Flanzraich graduated so you can't make fun of him anymore =(</p>