Pre-Haas question

<p>Should I take Econ 1 or UGBA 10 my first freshman semester?</p>

<p>Also, I've taken Calc AB in high school and I was wondering if I should go with Math 16A or Math 1A, albeit it seems that most Pre-Haas students have chosen Math 16A.</p>


<p>Same question here :(</p>

<p>Neither course is hard; it's just too competitive that making one mistake in your exam is too costly. Good luck.</p>

<p>If you don't feel like dealing with extremely curved classes yet then you don't have to take UGBA or Econ in your first semester. You can just chill a bit and finish your R&C and math maybe.</p>

<p>As for which math to take, this will depend if you think you ever want to major in the sciences. If you have an interest to and you are strong in math then take the 1 series. If you absolutely know you want to do haas/humanities then take the 16 series.</p>

<p>Take Econ 1. </p>

<p>UGBA 10 is easier in Spring because there's no sophomores in the class.</p>