Pre-Interview prep

<p>Here are some questions that could possibly be posed during these interviews: </p>

<li>Why do you want to be a doctor?</li>
<li>Why an accelerated program?</li>
<li>How do you envision yourself as a doctor in 20 years?</li>
<li>What characteristics do ideal doctors possess?</li>

<p>To you ccers: What would be the best responses to these questions? Try not to be cliche. </p>

<p>I have a Rutgers interview in a few hours and I’d really appreciate your help. Also, if any of you have had any interviews, whether they be from rutgers or any other college, feel free to add some questions that you have been posed and your responses. </p>


<p>Also, what is the best way to prepare for interviews?
(My interview is a "20 min phone interview")</p>

<p>Talk about some past experiences and how they made you want to be a doctor</p>

<p>talk about characteristics that YOU think a good doctor has.</p>

<p>good thread</p>

<p>hey -- i had my rutgers interview today!</p>

<p>there are also some ethics questions yall might wanna prepare for</p>

<p>ex. health care, euthanasia, etc.</p>

<p>They love to ask the first two questions in particular. Sometimes it is hard to come up with an answer. For the first one, def. talk about personal experiences.</p>

<p>Did you guys wear suits to your interviews? Or just like a nice professional outfit?</p>

<p>from what i hear, suits are are must</p>

<p>look professional, be confident, ask questions about their program-show interest, give smart, thoughtful answers that keep them interested-have a fun convo, make it fun lol</p>

<p>practice by: typing out answers and having mock interviews with parents or friends or siblings, but make sure you dont memorize the answers keep them personal and real when delivering its just for prep</p>

<p>also questions:</p>

<p>Why doctor?, Why their college and program?, What EC's were you in?
What are some controversial health-care issues today:stem cells, nationalizing it, abortion, euthanasia, HMO's, malpractice litigation
What would you change about your life? Who is your biggest role-model?
What's your favorite memory or medical experience? What are your goals for college? Explain you in 3 words? Where will you be in 15 years from now?
What are some of your fears and mistakes-including why did you get bad grades in certain courses?</p>

<p>stuff like that....</p>


<p>good luck to all!</p>

<p>Practice, but make sure you don't come off as practiced. Memorized answers can be spotted from a mile away.</p>

<p>yeah lol I had a phone interview for NSU and they knew I had memorized crap and stuff and told me so, they asked how did I prepare for this interview, and I honestly told them I had mock interviews with my parents, and they didn't get really mad though, they just threw around some odd questions and I answered truthfully and my answers became more smooth...</p>

<p>all in all, I got accepted in the end because they were impressed with my answers even though they knew I had practiced, they told me they were impressed</p>

<p>so my point is that I agree with xcrunner18 and don't sound too polished because they are doctors and they can distinguish memorized from not memorized...</p>

<p>plus if you want to be a doctor with a true passion then you should be able to talk about your enthusiasm straight from your heart without too much thinking if you know what I mean?</p>