Pre-law Wellesley


Anyone here with experience with Wellesley pre-law advising? Did the school make it easy to find relevant internships? Did you have help studying for the LSAT? How many women go on to T14 law schools? I read only about 20% of law school applicants from Wellesley go straight out of college. Is it harder to apply straight out of college? Do students often feel like they need more experience?

Thanks in advance!

I cannot offer Wellesley College specific advice.

Broadly speaking, the most appropriate pre-law school advice is to take courses which require analytical thinking & analytical writing.

There are several outstanding private, for-profit LSAT prep courses available which offer study options compatible with typical students’ schedules.

Whether or not one is accepted to a top 14 law school depends upon one’s LSAT score, one’s undergraduate GPA, and one’s URM status.

Whether or not one matriculates at a law school immediately after finishing undergraduate school is a personal decision.