Pre-Med and college, the difference.

Hello, I have a question regarding pre-medical schools, and i would really appreciate if someone cleared up the doubts. I a junior in high school and I want to be a physician in the future but I didn’t select a major yet. I don’t know if you are supposed to take normal 4 year college and then attend a separate pre-medical school after (i read that in some article about american medical school requirements, i have always been in russian system haha so this is new to me) or are you supposed to take pre-med courses during your 4 year time in college and then apply for medical school… I am really confused, i don’t really know the process, as far as I know, you have to meet the pre-med requirements and then pass the MCAT test and apply to a medical school.

And I don’t quite know how you search for scholarships and how are you selected for it, can someone please clear that up too.
Thank you very much.

You are supposed to take the required pre-med courses during your time as an undergraduate, although some people, having completed their degree decide to go to medical school later. so they then go back and complete the requirements separately.

There is no passing or failing the MCAT. Your score is your score and that is what you present with your application materials.

pre-medical schools,



There are no “pre-medical schools”.

It sounds like you’re an int’l. Are you?

If so, do not plan on going to med school here. Most US med schools will NOT accept int’ls, and of the ones that do, they only accept a few. Only about 150 int’ls TOTAL get accepted to US med schools…and those are truly exceptional students. (Compare that number with the 20,000 US students who are accepted).

Of the few int’ls that are accepted, they have to pay all 4 years of tuition cost upfront…since there is no aid here for int’l med students. Med schools have started to require this because there have been instances of int’ls having to drop out after year 1 or year 2 because of funding. (That doesn’t happen to US students because they can get loans here).

Is your family prepared to pay $400k upfront?

US med schools are different from undergrads which readily accept int’ls. The purpose of US med schools is to educate American doctors. It costs each med school $100k per student per year to educate. That’s another reason why few accept int’ls.

If you are International and would like to attend a US Medical school, you will have a hard time finding one that will accept you here.

If you are really serious about medicine, go to medical school in Russia and then come to the US for your residency (which is how most internationals do it.)

Yes, I am an international student. So the chances are narrow for me to get into US medical schools without a citizenship?

Yes. Quite narrow. I hope you noted the post about having a half million or so in cash. Have you looked into “offshore” medical schools? Lots of unsuccessful American students end up doing those.

^ By off shore, @JustOneDad is referring to schools in the Caribbean. Check them out: (