Pre-med as a BA student?

Hello all!
I just recently got into McGill as a BA student! I am looking forward to majoring in something like gender studies, but I am also really interested in eventually going to medical school. Since McGill doesn’t have a specified track like USA schools do (I’m from NY), I’m a little bit confused as to what goes into being pre-med there? Also, as a BA student would I still be able to take all the required classes in order to go to med school (either in Canada or the US)? Im assuming I could still take the necessary math/science classes as electives, but just want to check! Thanks guys!

US universities do not have a separate “track” for premeds. There is a series of required courses that must be taken in order to apply to medical schools. They are pretty much the same for all medical schools. look up medical school admission requirements for each medical school you are interested in. As an Arts student many of these courses would be taken as electives.

All Canadian medical schools are fully accredited by LCME. US and Canadian medical school admission requirements are basically the same.

No medical school in the US has a “premed” major.