Pre-med at GW

I want to go to GW on the pre-med track. Are there enough research opportunities nearby and is it difficult to keep up your gpa? How are the science professors there? Do you know what the pre-med success rate is at GW or at least know of some people who got into med school after undergrad at GW?

There are plenty of research opportunities nearby. With the GW hospital nearby (and many doctors double as professors in the med school) there are lots of options with physicians, as well as other places in the city (NIH is a Metro ride away). The difficulty in keeping-up your GPA depends on your study habits and how easily the material comes to you. Pre-med is rigorous and many don’t make it. I’m not sure what the success rate is at GW, but I’ve known dozens of students that went on to become doctors (I graduated in 2011).