Pre med at NEU

<p>Does anyone know about the pre med programme at Northeastern? Or even the neuroscience major?
Is it good and what are the advantages of doing pre med at NEU?

<p>I want to know about PRE med at NEU too, I'm a biology transfer and I was also wondering how difficult the BIO major is? I haven't been a full time student since the start of 09, so How many hrs of study does a Bio or pre med major typically put in???</p>

<p>Also, any advice on pre med in general vs bio? is it the same??</p>

<p>Pre-med isn't a program, being "pre-med" just means you are filling the 4 pre-med requirements (general bio, general chem, physics, organic, all of which science students take for their degree anyway) with the intent of going to medical school. There's a pre-med advisor at NEU, but it's not a structured program with requirements or anything. </p>

<p>There also aren't really advantages of doing pre-med at any school. Successful med school applicants will have 1) Great GPA, 2) Good MCAT score, 3) Clinical experience, 4) Volunteering, 5) Research, 6) Other quality ECs, 7) Good letters of recommendation. So, Northeastern doesn't make you a successful applicant, it's what you do in your 4 (or 5) years that gets you in.</p>

<p>The only advantage I see is that during co-op you could get some great experience for your resume. Co-ops for bio/neuro/any science will look good on an application, and having several really quality jobs could set you apart from traditional applicants. You also have 5 years to get lots of ECs and work in, so that's another bonus.</p>

<p>As far as work, it really depends on the semester. My heaviest semester (organic + 3 other upperlevel sciences) required somewhere around 30-40 hours/week of work. My easier semesters were probably around 20hrs/week of work. I'm not super adept at learning science, so I might put in some extra hours over other science majors... but pretty much everyone puts in serious hours, especially if they want the grades you need for medical school.</p>

<p>That is really useful info! Thanks a lot.</p>