Pre-Med, cannot decide on Texas colleges


I am currently a high school sophomore who has not taken the SAT/ACT. I maintain As and am ranked somewhere in the top 7 of my grade (my class has about 45 students).

I am looking to pursue a medical career, likely going into dermatology or sports medicine. I have had my heart set on attending UT Austin, but I’ve recently realized it’s very expensive.

I don’t have the faintest idea of where else I might go to college. I wish to stay in Texas, and I want to live on-campus.

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction as to which colleges would suit me? I will list my stats below.

I am female, white, LGBT, likely a bio or other science major (I haven’t decided exactly.) ,

my budget is capped at anywhere near 20K-22K a year (this is not a deciding factor, I can make things work if cost is an issue )

Joining a sorority is also on my list of things I’d like to do, but it is not a necessity. The thing that turned me off from UTA was their sorority costs. Again, this isn’t a deciding factor, and can be compromised.

I like the beach a lot, but I am not familiar with many Texan coastal universities. If anyone knows of any that might do well with my description, please let me know!

The location of the school is also not a deciding factor, however I would much rather attend an urban or suburban university than a rural one.

My apologies for the very long post, I am currently very distressed with my future even though I am a sophomore, lol.

@seok944 …take a deep breath and relax!! You have plenty of time to make a decision. Keep making those good grades and wait to take your ACT/SAT until you are a junior. Perhaps you will do well enough on the PSAT to qualify for National Merit Status which can provide you with some nice financial incentives.

As with most people your age, your wants/desires/needs could change a great deal in the next two years. Your parameters for colleges could most likely change, as well.

Based on your post, I would suggest you read and learn about the University of Houston. It is generally less expensive than UT Austin, and many times offers nice scholarships to top applicants. It is urban and in an extremely diverse city; it is also close to the coast. You will also have potential internship access to some of the best medical facilities in the country.

Good luck and enjoy your high school years!