Pre-med Classes

<p>I was wondering about the pre-med classes at stony brook and had a couple of questions:
1. How large are the Organic Chemistry and Physics II classes?
2. How much would it cost to take summer classes?
3. For freshman, the biology (Intro Bio I and II) course lab, does it have 2 credit lab for 1/2 the semester or do you need to take lab the full year for a total of 4 lab credits?Same question but for chemistry?
4. Anyone know the specific acceptance rate of Stony Brook undergraduates who matriculate to medical schools? I would prefer statistic data rather than percents aka 300/700 or 350/500.
5. How is the quality of the dorms for sophomores who transfer in?
6. Do sophomore transfer get to pick their own classes or are they placed in them according to their major chosen?
7. Is the campus safe? Its a suny school so I suppose anyone can just come and hang around (Correct me if I'm wrong).
8. Is there a number i can call in future to check about credit transfer and which ones are required by stony brook?</p>

<li>50-200+ students, depending upon section and semester.</li>
<li>The BIO 204/205 and CHE 133/134 are year-long sequences (two semesters, one for each class).</li>
<li>From what I understand, transfers get near to last priority in housing. I would apply early. I doubt you will get a slot in one of the more "popular" quads like Roth.</li>
<li>You pick your classes based upon the curriculum progression table (and what fits).</li>
<li>It's absolutely safe. Visitors are permitted, but need to be checked in if staying overnight. Also, SB is a closed campus and entrances are secured during the night (meaning, if a friend arrives after a certain time you will have to meet them at the entrance to authorize their arrival on campus). Daytime anyone can travel back and forth.</li>
<li>The transfer office.</li>

<li>[url=<a href=""&gt;]SummerSessions[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/li>