Pre-Med Colleges

Looking for pre-med colleges with a tuition around the 40,000/year or lower mark. I have looked into colleges such as Rutgers University and UNC - Chapel Hill. Any other suggestions for colleges around my criteria?

Just about any college can meet pre-med criteria. What is your home state? Your stats? Your instate option is usually the cheapest unless you can count on automatic merit.

New Jersey is my home state. 4.35 GPA and going test-optional due to COVID. Lot of Volunteering and leadership positions in big clubs.

@JaiXAmin I don’t see that UNC-CH is going to fit your budget. Have you run the Net Price Calculator for it? OOS tuition is over $50,000.

Have you looked at the College of New Jersey?

I am not sure what colleges are doing about merit awards without SAT or ACT scores. I imagine you might qualify for some private colleges awards that could bring your COA down to $40k . . .it all depends on how they make those awards in the absence of standardized test scores.

You received a number of good school suggestions on your other threads…have you looked at those?

Have you run the net price calculators at the schools on your list, and researched whether you can receive merit if applying test optional? If not, you should do those things.

If you parents are moving to NC as you state on your other thread, take a look at how residency might work there.

Hmmm… this is definitely more then 40K, but look into Connecticut College. It’s a NESCAC with stellar undergrad teaching. 40% acceptance rate, but you might be able to get some merit money. Might depend on your unweighted and test scores.

@schoolstruggles I don’t think Conn College gives merit money. And if they do…it would be very highly competitive.