Pre-Med Colleges..

<p>Hi! Soo.. besides the obvious schools (meaning Ivy Leagues) what are the best pre-med schools to go into? I also want it to be a pretty hard school to get into. And pretty big. Any suggestions? Thanks!
~Future Pediatrician(:</p>

<p>IMHO premed should be a factor way down on your list in choosing a college. For one thing, most kids who start college with the intention of medicine as a career end up changing their minds. It may be the courses, a change in how they think of working in medicine, or that it just takes too long to prepare. Second, you can take the relatively few required courses at any college. You should look into the rep of the schools you are interested in to make sure they don’t have a cut-throat reputation or deliberately lower the average GPA, but everyone should really do that.</p>

<p>More important to your success, regardless of eventual major or career goal, is finding a school that is a fit for you and that you can afford. Any good college admission book can help you with the process of finding these schools, and you’re much better off taking a well-thought-out approach to finding colleges rather than just asking people for a list of names and somehow choosing between them. One good book is “Admission Matters”. </p>

<p>As for admission to med school, one unofficial requirement is experience in a medical setting; they want to make sure that the people they accept really understand what it would be like to work day-in and day-out in a medical setting. People are turned down and told this is why, even when very well qualified. It’s never too early to start; you could probably find a volunteer position or part-time job even in HS to start building up some hours. And there are selective programs for students seeking medical-related experience in which having spent some time already will make you a better applicant.</p>

<p>richmond- check it out!</p>