Pre-med, does retaking non-major courses affect my application?

<p>I am currently a pre-med student attending a California junior college. I am doing well in my major pre-req classes, however I got a D in both philosophy and sociology. Here are my current grades</p>

<p>Precalc: A
Calc I: A
Calc II: A
Calc III: A
General Chem A: A
General Chem B: A
Philosophy: (1st grade D, retook and got an B)
Sociology: (1st grade D, retook and got an A)
English 101A: B
English 101C: B
Physics 140: A
Physics 141: A
Intro Stats: A
Music theory: A
Intro to islam: A
Macroecon: A
Intro to stats: A</p>

<p>I hope to transfer to either ucsd, uc davis, or uc berkeley as a biochemistry major. Will those retaken classes look bad on my transfer apps? How will they look when I apply for med schools?</p>


<p>AMCAS requires every UG grade be reported and figured into your GPA, even if they were taken in High School. The exception would be that if you decide to go the DO route. They do allow for grade replacement, so you could retake those two classes for a better grade with the 2 D's not showing up.</p>

<p>Edit: Just noticed you already retook those 2 classes. Also, med schools don't look favorably on BCPM classes taken at community colleges. You might want to post on the premed forum here for good advice from current med students. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>