Pre-med: Hard Science majors only?

<p>Hello everyone. I am entering university in the fall as a pre-medical student. So far nearly every other person I've met or seen who is also pre-med is majoring in Bio or some hard science. I myself don't want to major in a science, but rather in the Humanities (or even possibly in a Social Science). I've read/heard somewhere that Med schools don't give extra consideration toward Science majors during admissions. It would make sense, given the med school course requirements are met. But is this all true? Why is everyone majoring in Bio?! Do you guys think they really are interested in Bio, or they're just ignorant? Also, will majoring in sciences make you better prepared for the scientific rigors of Medical School? I need someone to clarify this. Thanks :]</p>

<p>Its true that medschools really don't care what you major in. I think a while ago, humanities majors might have been a curiosity and stood out from other applicants but thats not true anymore. Medschools see as many humanities majors as they do science majors. </p>

<p>I think the bio thing is partially that you can knockout all your premed reqs with a bio major since its the closest thing to a premed major. And honestly a lot of those hard science kids won't last. They'll either figure out the premed thing isn't for them or realize it is but realize that they rather get a major in something they're more interested in. I wouldn't call them ignorant exactly, just unaware there's a lot of diff ways to get to med school.</p>

<p>As for rigor of medschool, I hear nothing can prepare you for the rigor of medschool. Apparently, they'll cover your college biochem class in less than a month. I think that if you take your premed reqs and possible biochem or 1 or 2 upperlevel bio courses (some medschools require that) you'll be fine science wise.</p>

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<p>Excellent replies. Both of you. Thanks!</p>

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<p>You can have as many majors/minors as you wish in any combo. The most important: take all Med. School required classes, have very high GPA, have decent MCAT score, some EC's. Most pre-meds around my D. have minors. Most of them are also very interested in Bio. My own D. is absolutely fascinated by Bio, she also loves classes in her Music minor and interested in neuroscience (took lots of classes). It is not important, it is important though to be happy with your choices.</p>