Pre-Med Hopeful - Chance me?

<p>I'm a freshman in high school, and school's about to end in a week. Summer's coming up, and I wanted to know what I could do this summer to add onto my developing application for Stanford in about 3 years. So far...</p>

<p>Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Vietnamese (2nd Gen)</p>

<p>GPA: W 4.46, UW 3.86 (got one B+ this semester...)</p>

<p>AP's I'll take in the future:
U.S. History
World History

Currently averaging 2000+ (CR: 800, M: 660, W: 600)
I'll be gaining more in the future, hopefully. I've been in SAT prep since the 7th grade.</p>

Piano (probably doesn't count for much, considering my ethnicity)
Tennis (1 year so far)
Science Olympiad (State)
(I only recently found out that I was moving schools, so I couldn't really run for any leadership positions for any of my clubs from this year, since I'm not even going to BE there next year. 2 lost years wont hurt, right?)
I intend to start a World Vision club at my new school though.
I love writing, and take a strong interest in Journalism - I've been in my school's Yearbook class for one year, and took an active role in it. However, as I am moving schools, I'll have to start over from scratch, with nothing but recommendation letters to propel me at the start of next year. </p>

Orange County Register Writing Contest Winner (1st place), and more.
National Piano Guild, 4 years passing (I won't pursue any more though, I've lost my passion for it - and the time)
Presidential Letter for Academic Excellence
Science Olympiad, Regional: Anatomy - 4th, Wright Stuff - 2nd / State: Anatomy - 5th, Wright Stuff - 3rd (I intend to try out for the High School team next year too)</p>

<p>I intend to go on Project Vietnam next summer with my mother, as soon as I am 16. I had meant to go this year, but was unable to due to my age. We'll be traveling to Vietnam's more poverty ridden parts, where my mom intends to work as a dentist, pro bono. My sole role, I believe, will be to pretty much clean dirty equipment and control the younger children. </p>

<p>I will be going to a pretty wealthy, prestigious public school next year. They've sent plenty of kids to prominent UC's and lower tier Ivy Leagues.</p>

<p>Please, is there anything I can add to this this summer? As I can't go on Project Vietnam, is there anything else I can do to add to my application? And do I even have a chance, considering the path I've set myself on for my high school career? </p>

<p>I have a strong passion towards helping younger children or senior citizens. Ideas for this summer? </p>

<p>I'm not set on any subject yet, but I KNOW that I want to be pre-med. I hope to become an ophthalmologist someday.</p>

<p>Best thing you can do for the summer is relax and be a teenager. Trust me, it's far too early for you to be worried about getting involved in internships, jobs, and the like. Get in some volunteer hours if you really want to do something (you said you enjoy helping elderly citizens, so why not volunteer at a retirement home or some other elderly care facility?), but otherwise, enjoy being a kid.</p>

<p>for science/pre–med majors, research experience will help. get involved in intel STS and a semi–finalist position basically means a ticket to any school you want.</p>

<p>At your age i was smoking pot and washing my life down the toilet. want to trade places?</p>

<p>^ Uncalled for much?</p>

<p>OP -- it's really too early to tell. As you'll probably notice on other freshman "chance me" threads, frosh year grades, mostly predicted EC involvement, and no test scores makes it impossible for anyone to give you an accurate chance, as there simply isn't enough information.</p>