pre-med in USC

<p>i got admitted by USC, but not its special pre-med/med school program. so do i just take the classes required for pre-med? is USC a good school for pre-med? coz i still got UCSD to choose from..</p>

<p>ummm.. USC is not bad.. i mean they do have a med school.. so if do well, u will have a good chance of getting into their own med school</p>

<p>^ thanks a lot! yea im thinking about going to USC anyway, i like the spirit .</p>

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<p>The fact that USC has a med school is mostly irrelevant. Some med schools accept a higher proportion of students from its undergrad counterpart; some actually accept fewer, and a lot don't care one way or another.</p>

<p>Regardless, it most definitely shouldn't be a factor in choosing where to go. It might help, though, in that if the hospital/health center is nearby it may give you better shadowing, volunteering and research opportunities.</p>

<p>yea, all the research experience, and shadowing and volunteering chances u'll get would be helpful, but I do know for a fact that USC chooses more of its undergrad students..</p>

<p>Since I live in NC, SC school interest me too.. I like to stay close to home..</p>

<p>lol... i just realized that USC is U Southern Cali not U South Carolina.. Ok then I dont know much abt sry abt the confusion</p>