pre-med lab requirements

<p>hi guys i am pretty confused on the lab requirements for the pre-medical route,</p>

<p>i've searched online and most lists say:
1 year general chem and lab
1 year general biology and lab
1 year physics and lab
1 year organic chemistry and lab</p>

<p>It doesn't specify how much lab we need to take so I got confused on that part. For example, for the Chem6 series, I know there is only one lab: Chem7L. But for Physics2a and Chem140, there are multiple labs that correspond with the classes and I was wondering how much lab do we need for pre-med. thanks</p>

<p>You need
(phy 1AL, phy 1BL, phy 1CL) or (phy 2BL, Phy 2CL, phy 2DL)
chem 7L
chem 143A
one upper division biology lab class except bibc 103</p>

<p>Why do you say no to BIBC103?</p>

<p>While I believe many schools accept BIBC 103 as bio lab, some may not. For maximal flexibility and peace of mind, and if you have a choice, take a BIMM, BIPN, BICD etc. lab instead.</p>

<p>ahh thank you so much :)</p>