Pre Med majors

<p>which major would be better for a pre med Applied physiology and kinesiology or health science? I am interested in both (more so APK), but the required classes for health science seem to also eliminate many of the pre med requirements.</p>

<p>Do what you like. I would do the health science because it does eliminate premed requirements. IMO, I think a nutrition major is the best premed choice.</p>

<p>i was Health Science, and then I switched to Health Studies..which is a bunch of HSC classes and my electives would be my Pre-Med science/math classes, etc. Nutrition majors, and food science majors are really good too. But, do what you like. You can have any major and still be Pre-Med. Don't major in something because it "looks good." Med schools don't care so do what you want as long as you fulfill the requirements.</p>

<p>I really hate this type of question. Major in WHATEVER you want. There is not favoritism over majors with ADCOM's. I guess if you want something easy you can just go for psychology and get a perfect gpa. Those class are not hard.</p>

<p>I was asking this question because those are the two majors i am interested in period, regardless of whether i was going premed or not. But in regards to the pre med path which is better when it comes to fulfilling the requirments was my question.</p>

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<p>This might be useful to you. The author is a UF alumni (ug: physics and religion master: materials science and engineering). I had him as a TA for one of my classes.</p>