Pre-med New Student Preferences Question

<p>When I applied, I put down Computer Engineering as my major, but I will probably switch to another major like Biology and do pre-med while minoring in Computer Science. On the New Student Preferences, there is a question for orientation that asks "Are you intending to be Pre-Med?" Should I check "yes", or "no" because I didn't specify this on my application. If I switch later in the semester will I lose some information if I chose "no"?</p>

<p>You should check yes. This will enable the advisors to give you recommendations based on what you should be taking as a first-year pre med student. </p>

<p>I think you should be able to switch your major during orientation... if not, then you can always do it when you get here. Its a fairly simple process.</p>

<p>^ What he said. Put yes, and when you go into orientation just tell your advisor/the orientation leader that you want to do Bio pre-med with a minor in CS, and they'll tell you what to do</p>