Pre-Med Program/Medical School Placement

<p>Hi there, I’ve recently been admitted to Brown, although I did not apply to the PLME program. As a student looking into attending medical school after undergrad, what is there to be said about Brown’s pre-med advising and medical school placement rates? Do Brown students have the same levels of success applying to medical schools as students from other reputable universities such as Brown?</p>

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<p>Brown's pre-med advising: It exists and it is helpful.</p>

<p>and medical school placement rates? Excellent</p>

<p>Do Brown students have the same levels of success applying to medical schools as students from other reputable universities such as Brown? Yes</p>

<p>The question is whether you will survive Organic chemistry and still want to be pre-med.</p>

<p>Is organic chemistry any harder at Brown than at other top colleges? Is it used as a weeder course at Brown? (Frankly, I've never seen the sense in weeder courses at very highly selective schools such as Brown).</p>

<p>Start now man, it's rough and you can't do pass fail for it and expect med schools to smile and wave you in. I'm going to Brown this fall and I've spent a lot of time up there and met some chem professors. They have one thing to say. Just get a head start. Read, read, read, practice problems. Just put time into it. Get the basics down now with some independent study. Take it after freshman year but during freshman year get a feel for it, take physical chemistry, practice memorization skills. It's probably the most important academic piece of information (not including MCATS) that med schools will look at. I'm doing the same thing, Brown pre-med but no PLME. I guess hopefully I'll see you there!</p>

<p>Brown students, having seen comparable exams from other top schools, claim that Orgo at Brown is substantially harder than at other schools. How true the claim is, I don't know.</p>

<p>I have also heard based on people who have retaken or taken orgo at other schools that Brown is way harder. When I took orgo a few years ago, the tests would be structured into 3 parts: regurgitation of concepts, slight application of concepts, total application of concepts, and my grade would steadily decline over the course of the test since I could easily learn what happened in orgo and spot easily what was happening or would happening, but ask me how to go from compound A to compound B in 15 steps and I would struggle.</p>

<p>That being said, I got a C in CH35 and a B in CH36 and now i'm in an MD/PhD program at a top 20 school, and 10% of the medical school class of 2014 is from Brown.</p>

<p>Just to reiterate, from everything I've heard orgo at Brown is, for some reason, way harder than at other schools. I've got a friend who took the first semester at Brown while his brother was taking it at Harvard, and the brother at Harvard had a much easier class.</p>

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