Pre-Med Safeties

<p>I have a long list of matches and reaches, but I feel I need more safeties. I was wondering if you guys could recommend some safeties for me, ones that especially excel in Pre-Med or Sciences.</p>

<p>-Un-weighted GPA of 3.98
-Currently UC GPA of 4.3
-Taken AP Biology, AP Physics, and AP US History.
-My UC rank is 5/615 and my non-UC rank is 10/615.
-Got a 2010 on the New SAT’s.
-Taking SAT2s in May. Planning on receiving 750+ in Math 2c and Biology and 700+ in Physics.</p>

-Been in CSF since 9th grade.
- In Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) since 10th grade.
Placed 7th in section, and competed in state.
- Math team (11th)
-Member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
-Part of my school's AAA(Tutoring club). Through this I have 50hrs and planning on getting more senior year.
-Part of local church group. (9th-11th)
-Work part time at a local restaurant where I work 20hrs a week.
-Varsity tennis since 11th grade.
-Played 18 & Under “AA” hockey my 9th and 10th grade year.
- Accepted into the UCSF Biomedical Research Internship (all free) for the summer of my junior year. Through this I will receive 180-240hrs of hospital volunteer service.</p>

<p>anyone? please?</p>

<p>what are your matches?</p>