pre-med... satisfying english requirement... can you repeat r1b?

<p>i took a HA r1b course in the spring and didnt take r1a because of ap english comp in high school. I am interested in a couple more r1bs offered and i need to fulfil another semester of english, can i take another r1b in another department? would they show up as the same course?</p>

<p>Take a random humanities literature course (i.e. a course from the Haas literature course list or from the CoE expanded R&C list) and take that instead, chances are most of those courses are easier than R&C courses.</p>

<p>you can do an english/complit class that fulfills the arts/lit breadth for your 2nd sem of english for med school req.</p>

<p>thanks for the info! i will look into all of that. But if I were to say take a native american r1b (because i like the topic) could i take that course or even another history of art r1b (because i also liked the topic)?</p>