Pre-Med/Science Major?

<p>I would like to declare pre-med, and then major in a science field. What would you recommend or have majored in to set yourself up for medical school?</p>



<p>Biology. 10 char</p>

<p>You will see a lot of people doing Biology for pre med, but you can also do Chemistry, Biochemistry, etc. Or you can just do whatever you'd like while fulfilling all the premed requirements. Do what you would like to do most</p>

<p>Major in something that interests you whether it be a science or not. That way you'll have a good backup in case you don't end up in med school for whatever reason. No major will better prepare you over another for the MCAT or med school, or make will make you "look good" when applying.</p>

<p>Whats the difference between the biochem major and the say molecular biology major? Are there many differences? Also, what could I do with a science major if I didn't take the medical route?</p>

<p>Thanks again for answering my questions!</p>


<p>Look at the course descriptions. Biochem and mol bio are essentially identical, just one takes a couple more chem classes and the other takes a couple more bio classes. If you don't take the medical route you can't really do anything (besides $10/hr grunt work in a lab) unless you go to grad school.</p>

<p>If I went to grad. school what would be my options? Just trying to see what would be out there if I had to use a back up plan that did not involve the medical route. </p>

<p>Thanks for the replies.</p>

<p>Paca im in the same boat as you. I probably will end up doing a political science major and then minoring in either bio or chem and making sure to fulfill all the prereqs. This will be diverse for medical schools and will allow me to gain knowledge necessary for law school. As you can see I'm not sure which route to go yet. good luck!</p>


<p>Nope. I don't know how the Biochemistry program is at other schools but at UPenn, Biochemistry is essentially a Chemistry major with some Biology thrown in rather than a combination of both.</p>

<p>@vikings3214: That is an interesting major choice, but I see your reasons for it. The difference between law and med. is different, but I'm sure you will figure it out; you have time. :) Best of luck!</p>

<p>a school i'm interested in for premed has human biology, maybe that's a suggestion.</p>

<p>msufanx23: what college are you looking at?</p>

<p>@ TevashSzat: my bad. At Texas A&M the course curricula essentially differ by 8 credits, biochem takes quant instead of a couple more bio classes that mol bio majors take. But it's not like this everywhere and it was wrong to generalize.</p>


<p>"MSUfanx23" MSU= Michigan State University</p>

<p>They have a human biology major. I'm going there in the fall for human biology.</p>