Pre-med student - college choice


I am a current junior at UC Berkeley and applied for transfer this semester after seeing how ridiculously low the premed stats were at Berkeley and how overall awful our prehealth advising was. I just want the best shot of going to medical school and was told (and shown) that Berkeley just isn’t the place for that.

So far I’m considering Baylor, Boston University, and American University. But I’m having difficulty picking.

In terms of Financial aid, American would be the cheapest, then Baylor (almost double American), and Boston at the most expensive with about a 24k difference from Baylor.

I am 100% certain I want to go to medical school and have done my research and worked a fair share of different roles in the healthcare field (as well as other fields).

My current GPA is 3.9 and I don’t want to destroy my GPA going forward. I like being involved in campus and also off-campus (working and such). I am also interested in research and obviously need time to study for the MCAT.

EDIT: I’m from California, I am neutral in terms of sports, neutral in terms of college size (if I had to pick I’d say I enjoy smaller schools and prefer to not live in the city but honestly it doesn’t matter). And at the end of the day, I am privileged to say finances are not that big of a deal to me (I am currently attending Berkeley on a full-ride so obviously not super keen on paying a lot).

I’m also still awaiting decisions from Northeastern, Vanderbilt, and Villanova.

Does anyone have any thoughts on where I should go or any advice? Thanks!