Pre-Med Students at Carleton & Medical School Admissions

Hi Folks, My son is extremely interested in attending Carleton College. He wants to pursue a B.S in Biology (Premed track). I’d like to understand how does Carleton compare with other Private LAC’s like Swarthmore, Amherst, Williams, Middlebury in preparing students for a Medical career? Also if there are stats on how do most premed students at Carleton do on the MCAT that’d be appreciated? I’ve seen on the Carleton website that they’ve sent students to a number of Medical Schools? Also appreciate feedback on opportunities for research? I am soliciting feedback to see which of these schools (Carleton, Swarthmore, Amherst, Williams or Middlebury) should he ED (his ACT is 35/36; UW GPA: 3.93/4.0 & he plays Varsity baseball & Tennis, has done observership under a Nephrologist this Summer). He is a HS Senior (Class of 2025)


One of D2’s closest friends from high school graduated from Carleton and went to med school. She was quite successful in her application cycle, receiving multiple acceptances.

Note, however, she was not your typical pre-med. Not a science major, didn’t do science research.

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Our Carleton '20 daughter WAS a more typical pre-med student, having majored in Bio with a neuroscience minor, performing both on-campus and off-campus (summer) research. She also shaddowed Carleton-alum physicians in Mpls/St. Paul, as well as physicians in Ecuador through a six-week summer program.

She took a gap year, working as a med tech, and two months ago accepted a spot for this fall as a first-year medical student at an allopathic (M.D. degree) med school in New York

A while back, I found on Carleton’s website that 77 percent of its med school applicants are accepted their first try, with 82 percent accepted after other application cycles are included.

Note that med school applications increased 18 percent nationally for the 2021-22 admissions cycle – ever more selective.