pre-med students???

<p>So, as a pre-med, I want to know what it's like at Cornell? Are the classes difficult/compatible to high-school AP courses, say for example, like AP Biology compared to General Bio at Cornell? Also, how stressful are you based on the pre-med course load, in terms of hours of studying/homework, etc. Can someone give me a general gist of what it's like to be pre-med and whether or not it is something I should stick with? Thanks.</p>

<p>Generally speaking intro bio is going to be "harder" than AP courses. It's the same material but you will need a high level of understanding here at Cornell. How stressful? That depends on what kind of high school you came from and what kind of student you are. No one can tell you if it's something you should stick with, you have to find that out for yourself, it's part of the process of becoming a physician.</p>

<p>My friends said they found Gen Bio and Gen Chem to be harder than the AP level classes they took in the same subject.</p>

<p>How stressful pre-med life can be totally depends on you. I have some very anal pre-med friends and I have some, like me, who choose to remain cool. I tended to avoid the library the night before orgo prelims b/c you could feel the stress and I didn't like it.</p>

<p> do need to invest more time in your studies as a pre-med. Grades and MCAT are important so you must always strive to do well. Cornell students are lucky in that we have many resources available to us that we can utilize when things get stressful.</p>

<p>What if you on't know ANY BIO like me . my bio h teacher sucked and never took a.p . But are sick nasty in chem and physics .</p>

<p>supposedly...and this only what I hear since I did take general bio here....the Bio 101 class here it terms of difficulty and grades. Cornell is in the process of restructuring it's general bio program so you will take intro classes in different bio subjects rather than taking General Biology.</p>

<p>dont do premed unless you are passionate about it. you will end up dropping out either from low grade or because of how BORING it is. =D but the difficulty isnt that bad. chem is all understanding. i found my last term's bio teacher to test on more understanding that this terms' which is mostly memorization.</p>

<p>The first few semesters might be challenging at times since you're adjusting to life in college. But, after my third semester, it was smooth sailing.</p>

<p>^^definitely agree with norcalguy on this one</p>

<p>Things were hectic for me....but once I decided to take a year off btwn college and med school it really helped me out</p>