Pre-med vs. general science

<p>I am in a dilemma right now as I start to fill out applications. I am interested in going into Pre-med, especially at specific schools (eg, WashU) but I don't necessarily want to box myself into it. I am writing some of my supplements on my neuroscience research experience this summer, and that doesn't necessarily match Pre-med intentions. Is there any advantage to checking off Pre-med/Physician as my undergrad/professional path at schools with a competitive Pre-med program, or should I just stick to a more general science path while applying and then switch into a Pre-med path once I get admitted?</p>

<p>Pre-med can be done alongside any major, whether science or non-science (although it may be harder if the major has a lot of non-overlapping requirements, like engineering other than chemical engineering or bioengineering, or business).</p>

<p>Pre-med is not a major. it is an advisory program. You can pick any major, including a non-science major, and do pre-med. What you must do is complete during college certain math, science, writing and other requirements for admission to med school. Pre-med advisors provide aid in answering all your questions and helping you in choosing courses and applying to medical school. You can voluntarily drop out of the pre-med advisory program any time you feel like it while in college. When applying to college you can check the pre-med program box but checking it will having nothing to do with whether you are admitted or not admitted; it simply tells the college that you want to participate in the pre-med advisory program. If the college requires you to specify a major when applying you will have to check some other major even if you check the pre-med box.</p>