<p>How competitive is pre-med and the difficulty of grading in science?</p>

<p>very competitive, just go to UC Davis, UCI</p>

<p>^Exaggeration. UC Davis is a pretty damn underrated school. It's the number 1/ number 2 vet school in the country so you'll get a lot of equally competitive (to UCLA students) that way. UCI has been known as a good pre-med school for a LONG time, where pre-meds go to boost their GPA. However, like anything good in this world, UCI has become almost inundated with people, specifically pre-meds, hoping to snag a high GPA for med school. Conclusion: Go to a school where you'll be happy. There are no longer any "easy" ways to get into med schools if you're considering the UC system. Maybe a Cal State? (Hell no..)</p>

<p>I have a 2230 sat and I am the valedictorian and a national ap scholar. My question then is are there lots of pre-meds with equal qualifications? Because I have friends that go there with 1800's and 4.2's.</p>

<p>It's mixed, but there are definitely pre-meds with the same or better qualifications as you. I'm pre-med (well on and off, I can't make up my damn mind) and I had a 2300 SAT.</p>

<p>Your sat, gpa, etc. doesn't mean ANYTHING any more after acceptances/rejections were sent out. Everyone is starting on equal footing in college, and noone gives a sh1t what you got in high school.</p>

<p>Pre-med is hard/competitve anywhere you go since all people apply to the same med schools. See what school fits what you are looking for and go there, sounds easy right?</p>

<p>Grading in sciences differ too much depending on class, major, teacher, etc.</p>

<p>Ive had pre-med physics teachers that were a joke in terms of grading, (median was 100% on midterms). Everyone got an A literally, not the way the exaggerated way others often use it.</p>

<p>Everything is competitive, and you will have to work hard wherever you go. You seem confident (which is good) and if you keep that same mindset, u will do well wherever. Dont sell yourself short and always push yourself. If you are afraid it will be too hard for you at UCLA and pre-med, then medical school will be a nightmare for you.</p>

<p>I am definitely not afraid :) However, I think high school accomplishments provide insight of the work ethic and even intelligence of an individual. For instance, A 2300,4.0, national ap scholar will most likely perform better than a 3.8,1850 student.Thanks for the response nonetheless.</p>

<p>That is true, but many of your classmates at UCLA will have similar stats to you. And college science classes are much different than your high school classes, so whoever to acclimate quickly will be more successful at the beginning.</p>