Pre Med

<p>What is the pre-medical program like at Harvard? The people who get into Harvard and are on the pre-medical track: What are they like?</p>


<p>Harvard does not have exactly a premed concentration and only a small number of students apply for medical school by the senior year.</p>

<p>HarvardParent, will you elaborate and quantify? What happens during their time at Harvard that very few apply? </p>

<p>A handful of freshmen parents are discussing our kids' recent LS1a test woes. Several of our kids have med school hopes. My D turned down guaranteed Ivy medical school and now realizes that she will have greater GPA worries than she expected.</p>

<p>Although this is second hand, my H interviewer stated that in her day the premeds were so cutthroat they would sometimes sabotage each other. Not sure if this was or is true</p>

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<p>^I've never known that to be true and wonder when exactly was your interviewer in college.</p>

<p>GLmom, I'm sure a lot of people apply, but because there is no definitely "pre-med" track it's difficult to determine who exactly are premed, especially since some people are contemplating several possible post graduate career options at the same time. Premeds are also spread out between humanity and science majors. </p>

<p>Don't worry about the LS1a test woes. Although it's true that Harvard doesn't have the grade inflation that the world taunts us with, as long as your D is scoring above the mean she should be fine in terms of her final grades.</p>

<p>Psychology is a common route as far as H undergraduates go. You could go onto HMS or John Hopkins for grad school (or else where).</p>

<p>There are generally two major factors: (1) The draw of the Wall Street :-); (2) the course works at Harvard. It would be very tempting to accept a job that pays you serious amount of money instead of going into more debts for medical schools. It is also hard to satisfy the requirement for medical school applications in three years at Harvard. One probably need to take some summer courses and one also needs to spend a bit time to prepare for MCAT. Some Harvard students apply to medical schools after graduation while making some money for tuitions :-).</p>