<p>I’m just wondering, in general (or in specifics if you can), how is Brandeis with students on the pre-med track?</p>

<p>Also, do non-Jewish people at Brandeis ever mind/notice/feel out of place there?
(nothing against Jewish people :))

<p>There are a ton of people at Brandeis who are pre-med. I think the acceptance rate is somewhere around 70 or 80%, which is pretty high. The track at Brandeis is math through calculus, chem, orgo, physics without calc, bio, and (I forget) either one or two English courses. That said, a lot of people who begin pre-med don't finish up pre-med. The courses are pretty rigorous. I am not pre-med, but I'm a chem major, so I'm in the same classes as a lot of them (chem and orgo). As far as I know, it's a pretty good program. Plus, since it's not a major, you can major in other things and still be pre-med, which is nice.</p>

<p>As far as being a non-Jew, I know that for some of my non-Jewish friends who weren't used to being in a pre-dominately Jewish atmosphere, Brandeis was a bit of a culture shock. get more days off and two breaks. ^_^</p>

<p>thanks! any other input would still be appreciated until the deadline :)</p>

<p>I wanna go theer for Pre-Med too, about what percentage of the students get accepted to Med School?</p>