<p>Does UMichigan have a pre-med major, program, or advisors? Or does pre-med people just major in biology or biochemistry?</p>

<p>You really need to research the process. Firstly, premed is nothing more than a designation given to someone who intends to go to medical school and is currently taking the prerequisite courses (biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and a few others depending on the school) for medical school. Nearly every school in the nation teaches the prerequisite courses for medical school and thus has a 'pre-med program.' There are pre-health advisors as well. There is no pre-med major. You can major in whatever you want; statistics have shown that choice of major is mostly irrelevant in medical school admissions. I myself chose to major in Biology because I like it (and many of the requirements overlap with the requirements/recommended courses for medical school).</p>

<p>Is it possible to take all the prerequisites for med school while majoring in athletic training at kinesiology?</p>

<p>^ yes, absolutely.. you can major in pretty much anything and still take the mcat (as long as you take the prerequisites)... however, if you are a science major, then that'll definitely help you retain that knowledge throughout all 4 years of undergrad.. so being a science or engineering major is more beneficial for the mcat and med school later, but it isn't uncommon for a music major or art major or whatever to take the mcat and do well on it</p>

<p>GPA and MCAT are the two priority important stats for entering into med school.. major really doesn't have anything to do with it as long as those two things are high</p>