Pre-Medical Major

Hi! I was wondering if Child/Adolescent Development would be an okay major for pre-med? I for sure want to go into peds but I’m hesitant to major in a non-science.

You can literally major in anything you want. Maintain a good GPA and score well on MCAT.


You can major in anything you want to major in for undergrad school….as long as you take the courses required for medical school applicants.


Medical school accepts students with all kinds of majors–from engineering, math and computer science to music, theology and foreign languages and everything imaginable in between.

In the 2021-22 application cycle, ~5600 social science majors applied to med ical school and ~2000 of them were accepted. At 35%, their rate of acceptance is about the same as bio and chem majors.

Table A-17: MCAT and GPAs for Applicants and Matriculants to U.S. MD-Granting Medical Schools by Primary Undergraduate Major, 2021-2022

Just be sure to fulfill your core admission coursework requirements in biology, chemistry, math, physics and writing.

The only downside to majoring in a non-science is that you will have fewer science credit to dilute any non-A grades earned in science classes in your sGPA.


thanks for sharing great information