Pre Or

<p>How exactly do you apply for the pre or programs? Do they send you forms or is it all online?</p>

<p>And what are on these apps/do you need to prepare? And how difficult is it to get in?</p>

<p>Lol... yeah.</p>

<p>What exactly are you talking about? Which programs?</p>

<p>By Pre Or, I assume you mean pre-orientation programs like Outdoor Action and Community Action. I've heard via Facebook that all the forms will be online by June 2nd. I don't know of anyone who applied to OA but didn't get in; from my understanding you're really applying for certain kinds of trips (e.g. rock climbing, canoeing, sustainable farming). I have no idea about CA.</p>

<p>The programs are OA (outdoor action) and CA (community action). I'm sure they'll send you an email when the forms go up online. </p>

<p>It's not really an "application" because they always take everyone who wants to go. Just more of a questionnaire so that they can put you in the appropriate hiking/community service trip. </p>

<p>I highly recommend these programs to all incoming frosh, especially if you're on financial aid and its free for you (if you don't get any aid, then I guess go if you want to, but they do cost money). It's really nice coming to campus knowing a group of students already. Not to mention the trips themselves are really fun. I did OA when I was a pre-frosh, but my friends who did CA also really enjoyed it as well.</p>

<p>has anyone gotten mail or email about this yet?</p>

<p>Go to the Princeton website, and click on "Welcome Class of 2014" near the bottom. There's a link to the application form on that page. I received a packet containing all the pertinent information yesterday, and it's also available on the website at Outdoor</a> Action Frosh Trip Program.</p>