Pre-Orientation Programs

<p>Currently, I'm deciding between participating in the Freshman Urban Program (FUP) and Dorm Crew. While I'll be working over the summer to augment my admittedly measly savings, I would like to be able to line my pockets a bit before school starts. On the other hand, I am deeply committed to service and would love to get a head start in getting involved in the greater Boston community. Is there anyone else who's facing a similar dilemma (money vs. morals :))? What are you considering as you make your decision?</p>

<p>I was facing precisely the same thing, and then I decided Dorm Crew. I personally concluded that the head start advantage on service was not as significant as the head start advantage with cash. If I have some savings to hold me over through the rest of the year then I believe I will be able to make more longstanding commitments to service. My biggest worry is that thin finances might handicap me through the school year. If I can take care of a few months worth of monetary issues (I spend very very little) in a week, then thats a few months I can give more time to meaningful service. One week of service to me isn't worth longer lasting flexibility. Plus, if you are passionate about service and active in seeking out opportunities, then missing one week of guided exploration shouldn't hinder you.</p>

<p>yeah, I was also debating between the same two and ended up choosing Dorm Crew over FUP (also partly because I missed the FUP sign-up deadline). Well, besides that, I was thinking that with Dorm Crew, I can also get to know the campus better before classes start, so that way I won't be totally lost the first week of school.</p>

<p>I chose FUP! When I went to prefrosh weekend, my host as well as a bunch of other people I'd met had all done FUP and loved it. It seems like an awesome experience! I'll be working all summer long, so I don't need to work more for dorm crew. But I guess it's a personal choice. My friend from school is doing dorm crew and is very excited, and another friend chose FOP. It all boils down to personal preference :)</p>

<p>Thank you all for your considered responses. I ended up choosing Dorm Crew, mostly because I could not stomach the idea of writing yet another essay. Though I shall be working throughout the summer, I shall be making nothing more than a pittance due to the fact that the organization employing me is a nonprofit that pays its employees a stipend below the minimum wage. </p>

<p>Volunteering will have to be put on hold, much to my chagrin, but if I am able to serve without wondering how I shall be able to pay for my bus fare back to campus, it will have been well worth the wait.</p>

<p>Anyone have any comments on the outdoor programs --not sure I can really see dd going a few days with no facilites or deodorant....?</p>