Pre-Orientation Questions

<p>Do we actually need to send in a picture of ourselves for our IDs or can we just take the ID picture once we get to orientation?</p>

<p>Also, whats up with PACE. I did the pre-arrival advisor survey but am too lazy to do the other units (Alcohol EDU, etc.). Do I have to do that during orientation?</p>


<p>It's better to send a picture in now so you can get your EmoryCard the first day you arrive on campus. Orientation week is crazy and they have tons of events planned for you guys that you probably won't have time or won't want to deal with getting your Emory Card sorted away. I can't remember if you can take the ID picture at Emory or not....but doing it now is wiser.</p>

<p>I suggest finishing Alcohol EDU..I's not THAT bad. You don't want to get an Unsatisfactory in PACE, do you?</p>

<p>PACE is a one course freshman credit that you need to graduate. If you do not complete all of the requirements you won't be able to graduate so probably best to do it all now and get it out of the way :) You just have to meet with your group a couple of times during orientation, meet with your advisor a few times (if they even bother) and attend some random functions, not hard and usually pretty fun</p>

<p>There is also another class called "Orientation 101". I just took that class and all the quizzes but I didnt do too well on the quizzes lol. I missed one of the three questions in the learnlink activation quiz and missed a few other questions in the other quizzes. Will that matter at all. Are we graded in Orientation 101?</p>

<p>can anyone answer my question on orientation 101?</p>