Pre-Orientation trip questions, need to send response soon so plz reply soon!!!

<p>Hi all, feedback of any current students who participated in the pre-o trip would be appreciated. Did you find the trip helpful in gaining friends? transitioning to college? fun? what are the pros and cons? anything else you'd like to add feel free. Thanks so much!!!!!!</p>

<p>highly recommend it. S1 did it three years ago and it immensely helped his transition into the new experience which is Bowdoin. he remains friends with several of those he met that first week.</p>

<p>I have heard only positive things about the pre-orientation trips. The girl I stayed overnight with last fall said hers was absolutely fantastic and a family friend who went on the trip a few years back told me that I should definitely do it.</p>

<p>Pre-O was awesome. Do it! You will meet people and instantly have a few friends to lean on right off the bat.
It was 110% worth it. I liked it so much I may lead a preO in the future.</p>

<p>any specific trips to reccomend? they all seem amazing.</p>

<p>Pre-orientation trips provide students with an excellent transition to Bowdoin. My son enjoyed the backpacking trip and has led a kayaking adventure. It's a great way to bond with some classmates and have a lot of fun, too. Highly recommended. I haven't looked at this year's list, but I suggest you choose one where you have some interest and want to stretch your abilities a bit.</p>