Pre-Pharm Program Comparison with Purdue

Just curious if anyone has done a program comparison with Purdue’s program? DS was accepted to both programs. From what I understand, UoP requires that you maintain 3.0 (no C- in core classes), and you’re, for the most part, pretty much guaranteed acceptance (this is based on several family members who graduated from the program). Purdue calls it a “priority” program but requires a 3.2 and also doesn’t require a PCAT. Does anyone know if theirs is also an unofficial “guarantee” similar to UoP?

It looks like Purdue has a new 2+4 Pharmacy program that allow students to get their PharmD in 6 years. That is pretty good as Purdue is a top 10 pharmacy program. There is no other top 20 pharmacy school that has the 5 or 6 year program. The next one is Rutgers at #30 rank with a 6 year program. Usually, an accelerated program won’t rank that high. I think he 2+4 program is new this year for Purdue. However, they requires 3.25 GPA to advance to the Pharm D. 3.25 is quiet a bit more difficult than 3.0. If you can’t get 3.25, you will be stuck. Most top schools require a BS degree before applying to their Pharm D program so it is 4+4. For most students now in large public universities, it will take 5 years or even 6 years to get a BS. They can’t get the necessary classes to graduate in 4 year especially for University of California.

UOP’s pharmacy is rank #60. For the pharmacy profession, the school you are coming from does matter so much especially after 5 years. The most important is that you have the license. It is similar to nurse. However, people look at which college you graduated from for lawyer and MBA for the entire career. All 9 Supreme Court justices are from either Harvard or Yale. Many corporate CEO’s are from Ivy League. UOP PharmD maybe able to find job easier in California than Purdue. A Purdue Pharm D degree should be able to find job easier in the Midwest and East Coast.

I appreciate the info. I didn’t know Purdue’s was a new program. Their website calls it, “priority” placement but I guess since it’s a new program, no one at this point would know if it really is a sure thing or not (e.g. UoP’s program).

Purdue has the pharmacy school for a long time and they are ranking in the top 10. They have the 4+4 for a long time. I think they are following other 0-6 programs to offer their own accelerated program.

What the student missing on an 5 or 6 year accelerated program is that they skip 2 years of General Education courses such as history, foreign languages, English, art, political science etc. For UOP, you have to study all 12 months for year 1 and 2 of the pharmacy school. You have no summer. I think that is too intense to reduce one year.