Pre requirements

<p>Hello I am applying for early childhood education at Frostburg state university in Maryland for fall 2012. Is there any pre requirements a high school senior must have done to qualify for this major?</p>

<p>No one on this forum is gonna have any idea what you're talking about. Your question is as if I walked up to a group of random people on the street and asked, "what is the average temperature of the Brazillian rain forest in the month of June?". No one is gonna have a clue as to what the answer is.</p>

<p>Oh okay. I got to Tuscarora High School in Maryland, and in my school and we have classes called child development. This is an actual a preschool program where parents drop off their kids and the class takes care of them make lesson plans and etc. Is this at your school?</p>

<p>No what I am saying is. Is there anything a student must do before they enter a elementary education major? Certain GPA?SAT SCORE?</p>

<p>Oh, I'm not really sure. The only advice I can give is to ask an elementary school teacher, or find an internship at an elementary school. Sorry this is all I have.</p>

<p>Thatis actually a good idea about talking to a teacher. Thank you:)</p>

<p>Your welcome, glad to help.</p>