Pre-Requisites Fulfilled in CC or University?

<p>Hi everybody,</p>

<p>I'm currently a "veteran" student at a community college. I recently made the decision to pursue Sociology as my major while still fulfilling the pre-reqs for Medical School. My main issue is that I'm graduating in 5-6 years for a Bachelor's Degree, not 4 years. Because of this, I was wondering if it would be appropriate to take some of my Medical pre-reqs at my CC before my subsequent transfer to a university.</p>

<p>I heard that taking pre-reqs at a university is better because it's more difficult and more competitive, but is it really "truly" essential? Out of about 5 pre-reqs (not including English), I was thinking about fulfilling maybe 2 of them at my CC. Will this significantly hurt my chances of getting into Medical school?</p>

<p>*Note: I'm not interested in getting into a very prestigious medical school, just a "normal" medical school.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Do not take your pre-reqs at a community college. All medical schools (and not just the prestigious ones) will hold this against you. </p>

<p>Taking calculus and English at a CC will be ok, but do not take any of your science (chemistry, bio or physics) requirements at a community college UNLESS you plan on taking 2 or more upper level courses in the same field at a 4 year college. Med Schools want to see how well you do in science when competing against your academic peers at a 4 year college. </p>

<p>(IOW, if you take general bio at your CC, plan on taking at least 2 semesters of upper level bio at a 4 year college. If you take general physics, plan on taking 2 semesters of upper level physics. And do not even contemplate taking OChem at a CC–that’ll torpedo your application.)</p>

<p>Thank you for the informative response! I’ll definitely only focus on core Sociology classes at CC now. I’ll take care of the Medical pre-reqs over at my university. Thanks again! :slight_smile: Much appreciated!</p>