Pre-Screen Results

<p>S (BM-classical percussion) just got email from Juilliard yesterday that he is invited for a live audition in January! Very excited to make it to the next step. They gave him the option of requesting either Friday, Jan. 23 (10 am - 1pm) or Saturday, Jan. 24 (1pm-5pm, very limited audition slots available) Not specific times, just date, first come, first served. Anyone else hear from Juilliard?</p>

<p>S (BM Jazz Studies / Alto Sax) got an email saying that pre-screen results for Jazz Studies will not be announced until mid - January.</p>

<p>Here is what else the email said:
* audition dates for Dance and Drama will be sent by e-mail within the next two weeks;
* for Classical Music auditions in January: pre-screening and scheduling will be complete, and e-mail notifications sent, within the next two weeks;
* for Classical Music, Historical Performance and Jazz Studies auditions in February/March: pre-screening and audition scheduling will not be complete until mid-January, when notifications will be sent by e-mail.</p>



<p>I just got results that I made it to the next round! Undergrad flutist here :)</p>

<p>Congratulations & Best of Luck!</p>