Pre senior Summer?

<p>Help guys, hows my summer looking</p>

<p>2 community college classes
volunteering at hospital
sports training
creating recycling organization( really passionate about protecting environment)
trying to do paid or non paid internship at doctors office
preparing like a nut for SAT's
job at gas station(dirty work moping, trash, stock, and cashier sometime, minimum wage lol)</p>

<p>How does this look? What else can I do to have good extra curricular summer activities?</p>

<p>thanks, and for those who say I shouldnt do something unless I am passionate about it, me and others who are in the same predicament are passionate about something-success in life-otherwise, we would not be asking for help online lol. We just want the best possible education we can get to become self sufficient and help our parents out who have fed us, clothed us, and sheltered us for 18 years.
We are doing activities to look good to colleges, yes, but who knows if we do all these activities and gain experience in a wide variety of activities we might grow passion toward these activities.</p>

<p>again thanks</p>

<p>seems good. good luck!</p>

<p>Pretty ambitious if you ask me....</p>

<p>thanks man, I think i might run cross country or something, Ive had a knack for running who knows i might like it.</p>

<p>ambitious, yea I wanna be a nuerologist one day so I wanna be seen as consistant as I was last year.</p>

<p>and the organization I am really serious about, I am ultra eco conscious. (39mpg local from hyper miling in my 2003 honda civic ex 2 door lol) and I always recycle almost everything I use, but seriously I really want to create this organization.</p>