Pre veterinary post bachelor

Does anyone know a good pre veterinary program for a post bachelor student who lacks the science prerequisites?

How many science courses do you need to take? Do you also need the required hours of working with animals under the direct care supervision of a veterinarian? Have you confirmed the courses with your home state vet school?

It really doesn’t even need to be a pre-vet program. Get a good list of the pre-requisites that you need. Then go to the cheapest school where you can get good grades! Then make sure you have hours with a veterinarian as @ECmotherx2 said above. Find out from the school(s) you are interested in applying to their views on some of those being CC courses. Many don’t really care if some are taken there. That is your cheapest option. Prestige of where you go does not matter. Grades and experience and GRE scores are key! Feel free to ask any additional quiestions.