Precalculus Curriculum

<p>Hey guys I've been learning some Precalc on my own and I've been thorugh polynomials, and exponents, trig, etc. without much difficulty but now I'm at the rotation of axis for conics and even though I understand the concept the whole process seems incredibly tedious. SO guys Does your precalculus curriculum have you doing rotations or is it unnecessary? Any help would be great..</p>

<p>Hey guys I still need help. Any response would be greatly apreciated</p>

<p>My tracher completely skipped that section except for us to identify whether or not its a elipse or circle, hyperbola, or parabola. I wouldn't spend much time on it at all.</p>

<p>Uggh. Conics are the one thing that I used to hate from Algebra II that I still hate.</p>

<p>Ok I'll leave it alone. Thank God too because it looked extremely convoluted and multi-processed. Thanks for the replies</p>