Precollege Summer art program in Midwest?

Other than U of Michigan, any other options for advanced art training (Drawing painting concept 3D) in the summer to assist with portfolio prep, etc? Can’t find a forum on this.

Check out SAIC Pre College Summer Program. It’s in Chicago however they did it all online last summer and I believe they will be having an online option for this coming summer as well. It was amazing for my son! Best decision we made for him to study his field of interest, 2D Animation, and from the assignments he had plenty of material for his portfolio when he applied to colleges last fall. Be sure to apply for merit money as I was told they give everyone who applies something. My son received $500 in merit. So far he has been accepted to 2 colleges with his art portfolio. Best of luck!

Here is a link for you- ECPOSI Overview | SAIC Continuing Education

Thank you!

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My daughter is interested in concept art and now primary focuses on oil (Favorite) acrylic and Pencil drawing. Are these courses helpful to have for college admission as well as portfolio development?

Am I correct in thinking Michigan’s Pre college program is not the same quality/usefulness?

They will give her assignments during the summer program so that she will have several completed works of art, enough to make a great portfolio. Additionally, they teach the kids how to make a good portfolio and because of the rigorous schedule and high expectations I think it really helps give the kids a taste of what their colleges classes will be like. It was well worth the money for us…had my son not done it last summer, he wouldn’t have had enough or the right works to include in his portfolio submissions. Turned out he submitted portfolios to 4 schools he applied to and each school had slightly different requirements so having that large body of work done during the summer program gave him the flexibility to make the portfolios fit for each school.

As for the Michigan program, I took a quick peek and didn’t really see anything tailored specifically to what your daughter wants to study, but maybe I missed something? I think you need to explore the fine arts colleges…most of them, like the one my son did, will offer a summer program. We live in California and he did it all online…it was 6 weeks during the summer, Monday thru Friday so full days with the online session and then homework in the evenings. I think there are several art universities that offer summer programs and they are really what you want because it sounds like she will need to put together a great portfolio. Maybe google search summer art program and if you are looking for in person, the city or state. Otherwise I’m sure there will be some great ones avail online.

Sounds like a great fit! Thanks!

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Good to know-were trying to keep costs down and need online instead of in person. Thanks for your assessment.

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Good luck! I think you should be able to find one that will interest her, and hopefully not break the bank!