Predatory Police on Campus?

Hi there. My son is considering CNU for fall 2020. I’ve heard some reports about predatory policing on campus, where if you have been out drinking and walking home and the police find you there will be severe consequences, more than than any other VA school. Is this true? Anyone have any input on this?

I do not have info on this topic, but my daughter is considering CNU for the fall as well. Are you from VA? We are from ME and know very little about the school, but she really liked it when we visited.

My son, who is a student at CNU, says he hasn’t heard of the police being predatory though he has seen them at night on campus patrolling. CNU is supposed to be a dry campus, though he said the people he knows, if they do drink, do that places that don’t require them to walk around campus.

DK who recently visited CNU and talked to students about this and they said that if you are obviously drunk or vomit, you will probably be caught and written up by your RA. Kids will help kids if they notice they seem drunk avoid getting caught according to DK. So it sounds to me that drinking happens, more off campus or hidden. Also by senior year, many are off campus or in apartments and are of age to drink. It sounds like those that drink are able to find ways to attend parties and drink if they want.

Isn’t this true at every school?

I think that that the parties at CNU tend to be more of a gathering in a dorm room, rather than a giant party. The campus police might pay more attention to it and the punishment might be more severe than at another school, where police are just concerned that you don’t harm yourself or need medical attention, but tend to look the other way if you are being loud and seem a little tipsy.

I know of a university in the northeast that is like this. The police will also arrest you if you call for help for a friend who is in need of medical help and the underage caller is intoxicated too. They will arrest everyone underage in a room if there are open containers. They will arrest you for “internal possession.” It’s over the top. It’s a pain in the neck.

@Empireapple good lord, what college is that?!

@Empireapple I’m curious as well…