Predict my SAT I score based on my SAT II scores

<p>Hey all, so what do you think?</p>

Writing - 610
Math 1c - 610
Literature - not too good...</p>

<p>Oh yeah, and my first I score was 1130. I'm not really counting it though because I didn't even study for it.. took it cold.</p>


<p>Hmmm, I say it's irrelevant details. It's pretty hard to predict what you will get. My writing did not match my verbal at all and neither did my math iic.</p>

<p>:T Oh well. I figured since SAT IIs are harder, then my SAT Is should be considerably higher...</p>

<p>But the curves on the SAT IIs are much more generous than the SAT I curve.</p>

<p>oddly enough.. my SAT2 writing score matched my verbal score... 720. But my math IIC was perfect while i got a crappy 760 on SAT1 math.</p>