preference to the student who is 1/250 compared to the student who is 1/50?

<p>would adcoms take preference to the student who is 1/250 compared to the student who is 1/50?</p>

<p>Probably depends on the relative strength of the high school. All things being equal, preference is probably given to the 1/250 kid, but the 1/50 guy isn't in bad shape by any measure.</p>

<p>I think you might be splitting hairs here.</p>

<p>yoyoyo, I know exactly what you mean.
I see people here on CC who are 1/250 but I'm only 1/48. hahaha WOW right?
personally I think 1/250 looks better but it depends on what kind of high school etc.</p>

<p>I'm 1/9 from a crappy school. Consider yourselves lucky.</p>

<p>Stop worrying about the second half of the fraction and be proud that you're 1st, regardless!</p>

<p>These sorts of comparison numbers have little meaning when taken in isolation. Each high school sends a "profile" with the transcript to the colleges describing things like: average SAT scores for the school, number of AP classes/Honor's classes offered, what percentage of kids go on to what kinds of colleges, etc. The ranking is then considered with this information in mind. E.g., being ranked 1/50 at a school where all 50 go to elite colleges, the school offers 25 AP classes, and the average SAT is 2200 may be viewed more favorably than being ranked 1/250 at a school with average SAT 1000, 5% head to college, etc.</p>

<p>i don't think there is a difference when adcoms consider 1/50 and 1/250. They would probably turn over to the sats in this case.</p>

<p>how about 1/700? (huge public school)</p>

<p>1/700 is better then a 1/250 which is better then a 1/50. ceterus pairibus (all things equal-dont cha love econ?) that 1/700 is better because he/she had to overcome 699 people vs 49. but still, being val no matter how big the school is pretty sweet. dont worry,if you are val (lucky s.o..s) then you are in a *great shape</p>

<p>ok how do you do italics/quotes, i still cant get it!</p>

ok how do you do italics/quotes, i still cant get it!


<p>You have to put a / before the second i.</p>

<p>like this: (i)text here(/i)</p>

how about 1/700? (huge public school)


<p>700 is a small public high school where I come from. :)
2000 per class isn't even "large."</p>

<p>thats impossible, there is no high school in america with 2000 kids per class, which means 8000 students. 700 students per class is 2800 kids, which although isnt that big, its pretty damn big.</p>

<p>1/700 is very large where I come from. I'm 1/360 in the class that's been called the most competitive yet to come through our high school, but then again we have some serious slackers in other grades so it probably isn't that great. We are the average south jersey public school.</p>

<p>Well I know my old district is decent-sized with almost 1500 per class, and people say that the one next to it, the one I live in now, has even more, but their site is down or I would provide a link.</p>

<p> daughters school is close...5000 students, there are over 1200 graduating seniors this year.</p>

<p>isnt that too many kids to go to school with, how do feel seeing 4999 other people walking around.</p>

<p>My daughter likes it that way. We are in NYC so she is used to large crowds. When she was researching colleges, right off the bat she said she would not go to a school wiht less than 5000 students, she didn't want anything smaller than her HS.
The only negative she has found with her HS is the competition. The school is one that you have to take a test to get into, most of the students are bright, average old SAT score was 1200+. School doesn't rank for obvous reasons, but even when asked to estimate it is rough.</p>

<p>1/50 = top 2%
1/250 = top 0.4%
1/700 = off the chart</p>

<p>Being #1 in your class is going to be treated with respect, no matter what, unless everyone in your entire class (including you) is low-performing.</p>

<p>What about 2/700</p>

<p>vs 1/50?</p>

<p>2/350 </p>

<p>vs 3/700</p>