Preferential Treatment

<p>Hi quick question: Do law schools give admissions preference to students graduating from thier respective undergrad programs?</p>

Fordham English Undergrad applying to Fordham Law with 3.6/160
has a better shot than
State School English Undergrad applying to Fordham Law with 3.6/160</p>

<p>Assuming the students were generally similar in all other aspects as well.</p>


<p>Sometimes. The answer is actually probably available on their websites. Some schools have 3-3 programmes, in which you do three years undergrad, three years of law school, and get a bachelor's and JD for your efforts.</p>

<p>Definitely check out the law school's websites and see how many they take in from each college. My gut is that it doesn't help you too much if you are ivy. From what I've read and heard, if its a non-ivy school, it should help. I remember reading somewhere about a Wake undergrad with OK scores and whatnot, and got in to the Wake LS.</p>